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Professor Dawson Weighs in on CNN's African Voices Changemakers
Zandile Ndhlovu calls herself the 'Black Mermaid,' and she's helping South Africans fall in love with the ocean... Kevin Dawson, professor of history at the University of California...
Juneteenth: Celebrating Freedom and Hope for the Future
Every American knows we celebrate freedom on the Fourth of July, but very few people know what Juneteenth celebrates, or even recognize the date. A Harris Poll conducted last June found 22...
Chair Dawson featured in BBC World Service Program: Making Waves - The History of Swimming
Rajan Datar plunges into an exploration of how swimming through the ages has reflected changes in society, with Professor Kevin Dawson, Mikael Rosén, Howard Means and Bonnie Tsui.
UC Merced Grad Student Deals Town a Great Deck of Cards
Anais Guillem is one of those UC Merced grad students you don’t ever want to see leave town. “During my time here, I have always looked for ways to collaborate with local residents, and...
The Sounds Of The Past
Graduate student Graham Goodwin, with other researchers, used geographic information systems, 3-D modeling, virtual reality simulation and archaeological data to fashion a historically accurate...

Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group (IHGG)

Interdisciplinary Humanities (formerly World Cultures) is an innovative M.A. and Ph.D. program that incorporates anthropology, the arts, history, and language and literature. An Interdisciplinary Humanities education may include disciplinary specialization along with training in concepts that enrich all cultural research. The program exposes students to many humanities professions and trains students to engage the public.

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Center for the Humanities

The Center for the Humanities is the focus for humanities scholarship and presentation throughout UC Merced and its community. It organizes and sponsors workshops, seminars, talks, events, exhibits and working groups that are open to IHGG student participation. The center also offers fellowships and research assistantships.

Career Outcomes

IHGG welcomes students planning careers both inside and outside academia. Our alumni are university professors, researchers, teachers, librarians and government employees. Our graduates are specialists qualified for academic positions in core disciplines and border-crossing programs who know how to communicate with both experts and the public.