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Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group Magazine

*The Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group (IHGG) Newsletter/Magazine is a semesterly newsletter by graduate students at the University of California, Merced. The newsletter is not a peer-reviewed journal. Rather it is intended to highlight updates on the academic and professional interests of IHGG graduate students and affiliated faculty members in the form of reflective and creative works.

Fall 2019

In this inaugural issue of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group Magazine, we received contributions from numerous IHGG graduate students who are doing fascinating humanities work across the globe. The editors envision the IHGG magazine to be a space to showcase the work of IH graduate students and faculty, especially as we’re housed in separate disciplines, despite occupying the same program—we’re often distanced from the day-to-day realities of each other’s research because we’re so immersed in our own. In a visual format, the IHGG Magazine is a space for bridging our interdisciplinary projects.






Spring 2020

In this second issue of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group Magazine, we received contributions from IH graduate students who are doing impressive work across the humanities. This issue includes graduate student reflections that span teaching experiences, grant-funded projects, and narrative nonfiction in the humanities. In addition to these stories, you will find graduate student essays that explore research taking place locally and all around the world.

The IHGG Magazine is a space to highlight the research of IH graduate students and faculty and we appreciate your support in making this second issue possible. 





Fall 2020

Approximately nine months ago, our campus careened to virtual mode, the archives closed, and hospitals reached maximum capacity. Miraculously, our graduate group newsletter has emerged—despite every inclination that it wouldn't. This third issue of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group newsletter features current graduate students and program alumni. Their pieces span discussions on research for a novel about race, immigration, and agricultural labor; regional and global public health crises both past and present; recently published books relevant to Interdisciplinary Humanities; and post-IH alumni stories of hope and reconciliation. This issue could not have been possible without their contributions and I hope their stories offer respite in an all too harrowing time.




Summer 2021

In this fourth issue of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group (IHGG) Newsletter, we explore humanist inquiry into the act of listening, reciprocity through flexible methodologies, and graduate school guidance from peers who’ve weathered storms in cross-disciplinary scholarship. In “Voice as an Interdisciplinary Approach,” Lorraine Ramos reflects on the meaning behind language and finding one’s voice—both inside and outside the classroom. Through “Giving Back in a Meaningful Way During Research,” we join Adam Fleenor at the intersections of the pandemic, Mono Lake, and community work—a methodological approach which speaks volumes against a “dining and dashing” approach to the dissertation. This fourth issue also includes written pieces on graduate school advice, which I hope become a recurring theme of the IHGG Newsletter. Under "Advice for Prospective and Current students," Lyndsay Teegarden shares first-hand experiences with an honesty that I believe you’ll relate to and find helpful. Lyndsay’s advice is timely and appreciated during the current era of remote work/learning. Along the same lines, Kevin Easley’s “Grad School Tips for New Students,” highlights three particular themes that can help ground new graduate students in their research while building positive relationships with advisors and dissertation committees.



*Editor's Statement: The IHGG Newsletter is made by graduate students and the editor reserves the right to suggest changes or make edits to submitted written pieces in a manner that adheres to each issue's format, theme, word count, and page limit. The Newsletter is intended to feature the professional lives of IHGG graduate students and faculty beyond their critical work. Our contributing authors’ views are their own and they do not necessarily represent the views of the IHGG or the University of California. If you would like to feature your work or publicize an event on a future issue, please complete this webform or contact IH graduate student, Ivan Soto, at To ask general questions about the newsletter or to express interest in joining our mailing list, you may send an email to the previous address provided.