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Graduate student Ivan Soto
Humanities Grad Students Drive Community Engagement, Public Understanding Through Research
Ivan Soto is one of eight UC Merced humanities graduate students participating in the collaborative project funded by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.
Building Research Partnerships in the San Joaquin Valley: Community Engaged Research and Graduate Mentorship in the Interdisciplinary Humanities
Community Engaged Research and Graduate Mentorship in the Interdisciplinary Humanities
Professor Kevin Dawson
Message from the IH Chair Kevin Dawson
Graduate student Danielle Bermudez
Campus’s First Student Fulbright Scholar
Danielle Bermudez traveled to El Salvador to research how indigenous Nahuat women assert ideas of humanity, dignity, justice and respect such as through public commemorations. 
Professor Kathleen Hull
Understanding Humankind’s Diversity
Through the specific perspectives and methods of socio-cultural, archaeological, and biological anthropology, students learn how the human experience is constituted through the interaction of...

Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group (IHGG)

Interdisciplinary Humanities (formerly World Cultures) is an innovative M.A. and Ph.D. program that incorporates anthropology, the arts, history, and language and literature. An Interdisciplinary Humanities education may include disciplinary specialization along with training in concepts that enrich all cultural research. The program exposes students to many humanities professions and trains students to engage the public.

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Our Vision

Interdisciplinarity is the hallmark of IHGG. Our faculty and graduate students read work from every one of our disciplines and utilize each other’s frames of understanding. We share the task of explaining and expressing cultural complexity and contingency. Some IHGG research extends to social and natural sciences and engineering. Read more.


Center for the Humanities

The Center for the Humanities is the focus for humanities scholarship and presentation throughout UC Merced and its community. It organizes and sponsors workshops, seminars, talks, events, exhibits and working groups that are open to IHGG student participation. The center also offers fellowships and research assistantships to IHGG students.

Career Outcomes

IHGG welcomes students planning careers both inside and outside academia. Our alumni are university professors, researchers, teachers, librarians and government employees. Our graduates are specialists qualified for academic positions in core disciplines and border-crossing programs who know how to communicate with both experts and the public.