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Funding Guidelines

This page describes IHGG internal funding guidelines.  For information about other categories of awards, please visit the Graduate Division Financial Support website.

Academic Year IH Fellowship Guidelines, 2017-18

Traveling as an IHGG graduate student at UC MercedThe following guidelines are intended to balance the amounts we can offer for graduate student summer funding through the USAP account. Travel award amounds are standardized for types of travel.

  1. Students must be in good standing to apply for conference travel funds.
  2. Travel expenses should be budgeted as efficiently as possible; hotel rooms and taxis should be shared, food costs minimized, etc. Applications that do not represent a good-faith effort at budgeting may be subject to modification or rejection.
  3. In order to be eligible for future conference travel funding, the student must write a brief report of their travel and expenses within 14 days after returning, for approval by their adviser and the chair of the graduate group. Fellowship review processes involve a recommendation from the Admissions and Fellowships Committee Chair and/or comittee.
  4. For any conferences beyond the first two in an academic year, the entirety of the student’s travel funding will be drawn from their summer funding.
  5. The total amount a student can receive for yearly conference travel shall not exceed the total USAP budget divided by the total number of graduate students in good standing.

IHGG Application for Travel to Professional Conferences